Words of Wisdom from Robin Williams

It’s always sad when someone dies….

No matter what you think of the here and now or the hereafter it’s always a little sad to know that someone has left us here without them.

Especially when it is to a suicide.

That’s always the saddest to me because I wonder a lot… 


I used to feel that way. I used to hate the idea of being here, I swear I am from outside space…

But I made it out… I had to ride coattails and climb up the ropes of people ahead of me. 

People never even knew how I was feeling… I’m not sure why…. Digressing


I have enjoyed Robin Williams contribution in the world

I want to share what inspired me with a few quotes he is known for



1. Share your truth!!!

Williams quote change the world

We really can change the world with our words and ideas… If that isn’t true how did this world become of us?

We have all had very unique experiences and because of that we have unique ideas on how things can be.

It’s not a matter of having an “end all” idea or even figuring it all out 

More than anything it’s about sharing who you are and finding other people who like who you are.


Celebrities have fascinating circumstances..

They are constantly exposed. They have to learn there lessons in the public eye.

How many times have you been able to enjoy the comfort of going to the store and no one recognizes you.

You can process your stuff in your little world without interruption.

I remember hearing Beyonce say that she had just found out someone close to her had passed and was then greeted by a fan…

In those type of moments… there is an IDEA of how things should be… How you must behave…


Ideas can change the world and words are a medium to do so!


2. Stay MAD!!

robin williams spark quote

I do not mean angry.

I mean keep that part of you alive that brings you to life.

You have a SPARK that is electrifying and transmitted in your eyes. 

When you feel like you are losing it spend some quality time with yourself and look DEEP into your eyes

That spark is you.

It is your essence that touches people.

You may not REALLY see it until someone else sees it and tells you about it…

That happened to me.. I knew it was there but I didn’t SEE it… That’s another story.


3. Comedy is acting out OPTIMISM.

robin williams comedy

Stay positive.

Stay hopeful… More powerfully


Make light of what you are going through and believe in a happier time coming.

Our situations and circumstances are like waves… they come and go. We can choose which ones to ride in some cases and others overtake us. But at the end of the day we still choose how we handle it… You can get tosed about or get on your board and ride it like no body’s business.

Keep a smile on your face and have fun… It’s only life

I want to end this with an insight that I had:

Long story short… I am committed to love and because of that I let my life serve and I think there is a lesson that can be taught from all of our experiences. It’s our job to share those messages and serve people with them.

There are people who have not reached the awareness that we have reached and it is our responsibility to step out and be seen by them to let them know they don’t have to be insane by definition, doing the same things over and over again because that is all they know.


Here is the Lesson: Spread your ideas and use your words (with love), keep and use your spark, no matter how mad others think it is, and use comedy to be optimistic in the darkest of times.


Sending love now and forever…
What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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