Walk by Faith

Have you ever felt like all of your plans keep getting shot down and redirected?

This has been me for some time. I think about what’s next and I get redirected. I am all excited and feel like I have it ALL “figured out” only to find another curve awaiting me in the unfolding of my life.

Then I think about the ‘what ifs’ ….

What if….

I never meet the level of success that I currently seek to reach.

What if…

That is not my journey.

What if…

I need to serve in a different way.

… What if….

Then I think about what I really want at my CORE.

I am not looking to reach the “level of success” that I am holding myself too.

Mother Teresa was not money oriented.

Yet if she needed to get money I doubt it would have been much of a challenge or a problem because she touched and moved people deeply.

Sometimes I think we put a lot of stock into what we make and obtain financially.

It appears that we measure our success by our financial achievements.

Don’t get me wrong. I love money. I love to make it. I love to spend it. I appreciate having it and I wish I had it when I was without it.

But money is not my world. I will not compromise myself for money.

I use to be a professional pole dancer. Before it became a fitness trend, it was my career. I didn’t know about pole fitness or this positive spin on such a highly sex focused experience.

I knew at age 12 that I wanted to pole dance, for 2 specific reasons:

1) It looked FUN!!

2) They made a lot of money and that meant I could finally get all of the things that I had desired to get for so long.

What I didn’t know is that it was a highly sexual and highly competitive environment.

I was naive about the atmosphere.

I learned a lot of fun and powerful pole moves and also had a very intimate spiritual journey in a seemingly “bad” or dirty place.

I learned a lot about God, Sex, and Money. I also learned about TRUE LOVE as well as SELF-LOVE.

As a result, here I am today. An artistic pole & yoga loving, spiritual life transformation catalyst.

I have a story to share. It is simply how I learned to have Faith and follow G.O.D (the HIGHEST most Divine SELF).


So I must be honest and say that at the moment, even with all of the training I have, I feel a bit lost in how to present myself and the plan that I am following because it keeps changing.

But I can say I am committed to staying connected.

I am committed to sharing my truth and standing in my power.

I am committed to serving you, to help you in figuring out this life as best as I can.

I am committed to being open to divine guidance and following my intuition.

I am committed to talking to you weekly!

So please, don’t be a stranger. It’s hard work to put yourself out there when you have felt safest in your own world… When you are fine having a blissful life in a very intimate way with the few people closest to you.

I love my bubble but I CAN’T stay in it because I know some of you NEED ME. You need my delivery, my UNIQUE energy and style, my language, and understanding…

If I stay in my bubble you could DIE. Figuratively in the sense of your passion or spirituality – not feeling ALIVE! But also LITERALLY! Whether by your own hand or your souls subconscious calling. I know a bit about this feeling and it is a battle TOO MANY people face and LOSE because they are GREAT ACTORS/ACTRESSES. (I could talk more about this now but I’ll save it for later 😉 )

I can’t live blissfully with that on my conscious. So I am here, with open arms to serve you in standing present in your power to be joyful and free to live life on your terms.


TPCP Faith quote18


What did this post spark for you? Share them with me below.


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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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