Understand the way to align in one mind


Understand to be understood.

I am a woman. I love to be understood! I thrive in an atmosphere where I feel understood.

I have chosen the roles of wife and mother as well as entrepreneur.

I am a healer, warrior and teacher.

I am an artist.

And I am an alchemical catalyst for transformation in life.

People don’t always understand my choices and it’s ok.

I believe in sovereignity. Other people can do what they want and I’ll live my life as guided to…

With a deep respect and awe in reverence of the greatness we all possess in masculine and feminine energy.

I am here to fully embody feminine and what that means to me.

I also believe in personal responsibility for the results of the choices we make, whether we’re aware of what we’re doing or not.

I see misunderstandings happen all the time… It always seems SO SIMPLE!

But emotions overtake us and takes us over into the blind side of crying out to be understood instead of us using our emotions to guide us into a pause so we can move with clarity.

How often do you experience frustration that seems to have just suddenly appeared in the heat of an argument?

You lost focus.

You lost sight of love.

Love For yourself by letting it get this far.

And by “it” I mean your emotions.

You allowed the ripple to escalate into a roaring wave ready to swallow up all the people around you.

And you also lost love for those around you.

We’re all human here… Even if we’re aliens.

We all have a common thread. It just takes a moment to find it.

So remember when you have a feeling and it involves someone else, it is your responsibility to let them know how you are interpreting the data you are receiving from them and the feelings that you are having.

It lets them know how they are perceived and how you relate.

It gives and gains understanding in a new way.

This is spiritual maturity. Waking up beyond knowing and doing, moving into being.

Having defined your character in such a way that you are uniquely identified, unquestionably.

Be love.

Understand those around you as well as you understand yourself.

If you understand others better than you understand yourself than up your self-love and self-care routine.

Know yourself and understand yourself. No one else needs to. Not for you to survive.

You can provide yourself logical reason not to be affected by the feelings other people trigger because you understand them. You have security in yourself and knowledge of human suffering.

You’ve suffered before. You can relate. No matter the scale of the suffering, the feeling could be understood in contrast.

Understand to be understood.

In the moment that you understand, you give up the desire to be understood and align your mind with those who have lost understanding.

It allows you the space to stretch a person.

That person could be yourself. You may be learning a way to behave differently to authentically express the genuine essence of who you are. What you stand for.

You could gain insight on what has been a source of motivation for your actions and why.

How often do you pause and understand the people in your life that seem to bother you the most?


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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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