Unable to explain the pain – Hiding in plain sight

This is a modified piece I wrote in 2004.
I cleaned it up a bit. It still reflects my feelings from that time. I am blessed and honored to say that I made it through feeling like this.
Once upon a nightmare this was my normal… It is such a joy to have a NEW NORMAL!
I look forward to creating beauty in my world instead of glorifying the unpleasantness daily!
I thrive in my new lows with reminders of my abilities to change things. To Be a cause for a shift. No matter how low you go you can ALWAYS come back up…
What goes on is unexplained
the pain I feel is unbearable
the people who come I despise.
It is this moment that I realize
Unable to feel
In my heart
I do not flaunt
the feelings,
I feel in my heart of hearts.
Hiding in plain sight
veiled and masked
The true feelings are never sought out of my mind and soul,
They fought to make a penny for my thoughts.
It’s the reason that I caught my words and feelings on paper.
It’s the only way that I savor the words that heal
and favor my essence,
and creativity,
that without my emotions would not exist
and makes me sit and reminisce about all the things that happen daily
and why this life drives us crazy.
regardless to what’s unbearable my life will always be…
unable to explain the pain
I feel in this moment
Hiding in plain sight
The mystery is unfolded
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I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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