This is the Key to a HAPPY life

Have you ever gotten into a heated discussion with someone and said “I just want to be happy!”

And they stare at you dumbfounded because they always thought you were happy. They don’t know what’s wrong. When did you become unhappy. They say just BE happy.

They are missing the core of your statement. The fact that their is something in your life that you feel you are missing and would like to get it fulfilled.

You may not know WHAT that thing is though. You might just know SOMETHING is missing. 

I know the feeling. I use to feel like SOMETHING was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I knew I felt kind of empty and unfulfilled.

So I searched and came to learn what it was for me, that was missing. I also gained an enormous amount of insight to what’s missing for everyone else.

Here’s the thing most people don’t realize they don’t know- THEMSELVES.

Most people don’t really know themselves. 

I know. I know. You “know” yourself right. You know that when someone cuts you off while your driving you get angry, that you like things done quickly, that your favorite color is purple or whatever. Sure you know a few superficial details about your personality which is great because that is unique to you. But I’m talking about DEEPLY knowing yourself.

A lot of people don’t know their BLUEPRINT. Their SPIRITUAL DNA. It’s the same for everyone and just like our physical DNA it is expressed differently. Your eyes are eyes no matter what but depending on the expression of them they may be blue or brown or hazel or any variation in between (the rare green eyed person). In the same way you have a purpose but depending on who you are it may be expressed differently.

Here’s an example you take two people and give them both enough seeds to fill an acre of land.

Person A is not very hands on, but LOVES to share and is very social.

Person 1 also loves to share but is a bit more introverted.

Person A decides to take those seeds and goes out and trades them for other things and builds relationships so if he needs fruit from that seed he can always go back to that person.

Person 1 decides to get an acre of land and plant all the seeds. Person 1 takes the time to plant them, care for them, and grow them. They share with the people closest to them that this is what they are doing. Some support it, others don’t, but Person 1 is doing their work.

Time has passed and both person 1 and person A have used up all their seeds. 

Person A gave people a way to eat while also connecting with people so they will always have a place to get food.

Person 1 gave people food and secured having food going forward.

Is one person right or wrong?


Here is the lesson:

Some people are not going to want to invest in a one time solution. They want the ability to reuse the initial investment. 

Some people just want to get it when they need it. They aren’t worried about the practicality of having it for the long hall.

SO we need both types of people and other types in between.  Person A needs Person 1. Person 1 needs Person A.

No matter what your message is you need to get it out there and make sure it is out there. But that’s a discussion for next time. 😉

What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below


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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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