The Joy of the Journey

Hello Fellow Travelers,

I am glad that you have taken the time to read these words. The blogs that follow will be short and sweet. They will be based on observation. Since these are my observations, what I see will be a reflection of myself. In writing about these observations I hope to evolve. I hope that my openness about my own personal journey will help you along yours.


My name is Yani. I was taught that my name means GOD Answers. If I look up the meaning of my name, I find GOD is Gracious. Either way I believe it is a good name. I am a married mom of three. It is more work than a job but it is worth it. The growth is priceless. I have a 6 yr and 2yr old son and a 4 year old daughter. They are a handful and she is right behind them!! I am very pleased to have the experience of being a mother. Sometimes I’m shocked at the reality of my world. It is as if I skipped a few pages… or maybe even a few chapters. Nonetheless I am here and I am moving forward. I guess in some ways I felt that getting married and having children were the easy parts. Well, it sure isn’t a cake walk, though it can be just as sweet.


Being a wife and mother is an all day everyday job. It seems more like mother and wife than it does wife and mother. Sometimes as a mother I get so caught up in taking care of our children that I forget to “switch roles” and be the wife my husband needs on an emotional level. Often I believe we women forget how sensitive our men truly are and neglect to hold space for them. As much as we want to be acknowledged our men want the same thing too.


I have learned that words are just that… words. The message is conveyed so much more powerfully in feeling, with emotion.


E- motions..

Energy in motion. That is why vibes are so important. The motion of the energy is what is felt through the vibes and later interpreted into a word or in some case several words.


Ultimately, it is all a learning experience. I am learning something everyday. I am taking it upon myself to acknowledge the lessons that I learn. I love learning and I will learn as long as I Am!

Here’s the lesson: Learn as you experience. The Feminine path is distinct.The Joy is in the Journey.. the destination is just a pit-stop.


What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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