The Challenge of Change

Change is this inevitable occurrence in the world and we can either flow with it gracefully or we can raise H#!! and fight against it. Either way, It happens.


I have this ebb and flow with change, sometimes it can be really easy other times it is a battle!! We’re talking about the battle here. 

I am resistant.

I make excuses.

I justify not doing it.

I make it not as important.

and I do all of this because I am uncomfortable.

Have you ever felt like that??

Like you want something to change but you keep blocking it from happening because of the way it feels??


Let me tell you something. If we stopped things all the time because of the way it feels we probably would be extinct (unless we learned to reproduce by budding or something.)

Here’s the challenge:

Change makes us uncomfortable and we want to keep things comfortable so we can feel safe and secure. We want to be able to predict what is going to happen next. 

change is living

We can’t live our lives joyfully in our comfort zone all the time. We can’t grow or blossom

So if we really want to change our lives and experience a new level of living we have to go forward through the discomfort to the other side where our transformation lives. 

So the challenge in the change applies to all aspects of your life:

* Romance and relationships

* Business

* Habits

*Spiritual practices


* E-Motions

It is all intertwined…


I want to share with you the change I am going through:

I’m taking on a blog challenge… and not just any blog challenge, The Ultimate Blog Challenge to post a blog everyday for the next 30 days!!

Can you feel the craziness here?!?!

I mean I enjoy writing but I have not made it a priority at all lately.

And I am going to change that during the next 30 days.

It will mean making DEDICATED time to write…

Finding the space to be inspired. 

Having the green tea to be up and going 

I’m going to be turning my wheels, changing the way I look at myself and delivering consistent content to YOU.

On this journey I am going to share ways to encourage yourself to keep going when you feel stuck.

We are going to seduce change so it’s not such a challenge anymore!!!!

Oh yeah baby! I said SEDUCE!

You know you got that sexy in you.


I’m a bada$$… you should know this about me. 

I am also BRILLIANT. In the sense of intelligence and radiance.

I am super creative and I love it.

And over the top expressive which makes me VERY entertaining 😉

I love to tell stories and paint pictures with words 

but sometimes my brain moves faster than my mouth so it comes out as poetry instead of novels…. eh it’s cool though.

It’s me.

When I write, I write with meaning. I am particular about word choices and placement in certain situations.

So if you see that I am writing and the lines are not consistently complete or straight know that it was intentional (usually)

I’m not an editor and I make mistakes sometimes. If I catch it I may fix it or just leave it as a testament of my imperfection.

Variety is the spice of life…

Be prepared for it 😉

Always look for the lesson

Here is the lesson for today: Change is going to happen. Get use to it. The only thing you can do is influence the direction of change for better or for worse. So since you are going to go through it ANYWAY, decide to go through it for something better. AND remember to SEDUCE that change and have fun transforming!!

That’s all for now… Tune in tomorrow and we can talk about love and money… How do you handle them??


What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below


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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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