The climb to success pt 2

So I shared last time that I managed to be present in this process of writing.

This time I am going to share a little bit more of why that works and give you some weapons to battle with, because we might as well face the facts- If you feel me you ARE a warrior!

Us warriors MUST stick together. We are fighting a war. We must gather with the other members of our unit.

Like attracts like.

Follow your bliss and get with your tribe.

We MUST be open and VULNERABLE with each other.

Being vulnerable, to me, is not only letting you see my e-motions, but also my mind.

I can be naked in front of you.

I only cover myself to protect myself from the blows unconsciously thrown. 

Because underneath this shell of skin callused by disdain and depreciation I have been kept. No matter how dirty my outside gets the light in me keeps shining through.

As it does in you…

Even when you feel like the world hates you

and you are alone,

YOU are NOT alone

Find what piece of hope you can

and hold it

with all your faith.

And fight with unshakable loyalty to love.

And for the time,

forget those that don’t respect you.

Walk in truth towards the manifestation of that hope.

Focus on the basic things to take care of your well being.


It turns out that feeling better came down to being present.




Marie Forleo said “Make is-ness your business.”

Just pause for the moment.

Feel yourself breathe.

Listen to your children. (or pet or bf/ husband/ person/ etc.)

Acknowledge how much of you is in them.

How they will work to help you, from the example you teach.

They pay attention to you, they know you in some way.




Stacey Martino teaches that the first objective is to be above the 50% line yourself before you do anything else.

Get HAPPY and THEN….

This means you MUST do something that lifts your mood:

Exercise or just move your body,

Play some music that feels better than you do right now

Listen to personal development stuff to keep your subconscious full of helpful tools to help you help yourself faster.

Contribute – give, share, support others- via any and all means.

Think of people that you care about and send them notes of appreciation, or pictures, hand-drawn pictures, paintings, graphics, whatever!!

Sing a song, make a rap, create some music!

Design a house or a business plan for someone.

There are lots of things that you can do to get present.

Follow your bliss.

Know yourself.



After you have raised your state, address your issue.

Do something that will prevent you from feeling that way again in the now. 

Sometimes, I feel better just knowing that I have a plan to do better. I feel like I used the experience for a purpose.

Next time it comes around I have a manual to follow to feel better faster.

Prepare yourself for the e-motions that you are battling.

Change your beliefs to support you against “Defiance,” as the three headed serpent is called by Brendan Burchard in The Motivation Manifesto (click the title to get a free copy just pay $7 for s+h).

Have a sword that cuts the heads off of this hydra-like beast until we learn to keep it at bay.

As you climb up out of the darkness that has comfortably consumed your life you will find that you have to pause frequently, regain your footing, and deal with whatever you are afraid of.

In every moment that you progress towards the light, you will uncover more and more of the disgusting filth that you have been comfortable in.

Remove the debris from your being and show forth only the remnant that God ever so thoughtfully placed here, for such a time as this.

You are magnificent in all that you do and all that you are.

And it is time that you see that.

I want you to see that so I am having a free call to share some ways for you to gain the acknowledgement that you deserve.

Since we have heard of Karma and reaping what you sow, I’d like to invite you to join me next Tuesday, February 10th, for a free call on 5 gifts you can give for free to get more appreciation and change someone’s life. 



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Sending love now and forever…
What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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