I am sleeping with the enemy… and Why you should too

Ideally who plans to sleep with the enemy?

I know I don’t! I am quick to do everything I can to get that sucker out of my space.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes we brand something our enemy when it truly is not.

So who is the enemy that I’m sleeping with…

Let me give you a few hints.

My enemy is very handsy, lives in a mobile home, and has 20/20 vision 4 times over.

Any idea of who I am talking about?

Ok I’ll just tell you.

It’s a spider.

Yes. You read that right. I said spider.

So I have been afraid of spiders for as long as I can remember.

I going to be REALLY vulnerable here and share what has actually happened in my mind when I thought of spiders.

When I see a spider I immediately want it O-U-T OUT!!!!!! Like yester-year. I really don’t want to KILL them I just want them out of the house. Then I started thinking that G.O.D didn’t give me a spirit of fear… what I WAS given is a spirit of a sound mind (among others things as well).

My mind was SUFFERING. After seeing a spider and it wasn’t immediately removed or it “got away” while trying to remove it I’d feel extremely uncomfortable. I wouldn’t want to go in the same room that it was in, or go to sleep, or in one special case- drive my car.

I’d think about a spider sitting in a corner rubbing four “hands” together, laughing meticulously while plotting it’s next move on when to terrify me next and completely disrupt my life.

Can you imagine that? I mean to personify it even more think evil genius spider sitting by the fireplace dark liquor on the side table next to the big comfy chair it’s sitting in while rubbing it’s hands together laughing and say “Yes. Yes.” in a Dracula sounding voice after having scared me and planning to come out to do it again.

It was BAD!!!!

I was mentally paralyzed. I was so afraid sometimes I’d cry.

I remember I was in Georgia living with my Grandmother and I had to get a spider (poisonous brown recluse) out of my closet. I was literally on the phone with family in MARYLAND crying about this spider. My grandmom was sleep and wasn’t going to get up for a spider. I had to face my fire alone.

That’s when I remember that I wasn’t given a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind/self-discipline. That opened up this window for me to question what this “FEAR” was really about.

I then began to study spiders, their unique nature, and their spiritual meaning. I discovered they symbolized feminine energy, creation, infinity, rebirth, and patience to name a few. I realized I was suppressing a lot of that within myself and it was causing me to feel depressed. I was living in fear. Not only of the spider but of my own inner spider. My creative nature, my infinite-ness, my femininity, my need to be reborn and create myself a new… they were all being pushed down inside of me. I’d get excited about making a change and then push it back down in me.


I was drowning in this pain in my mind.

I am a conqueror though. I am mightier than that which tries to devour me. I am given all power over the enemy and I can over come. I just have to put my armor on and USE IT.

So I survived the attack of the spider and now as a nocturnal spider lives in the crevice of my closet I accept it’s presence. Not only because I really have no idea how to get it to come out and because I also don’t want to kill it in it’s hole (Dwayne tried with cleaning products. It went away for a while and then came back.) It lives. In my bedroom. And every night I sleep with it.

Here’s the lesson:

F.E.A.R is something that lives in our minds. If you are finding that you are TERRIFIED of something, get more knowledge around it. Expand your mind so you can understand it and then DO something to overcome that fear. Knowledge, action,and love overcome fear. 

Don’t be enslaved by the fear in your mind. Renew your mind. 

What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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