Perfect… I think not

This is just the twirling of my inner mind…

Don’t judge me

Often times I feel like

I’m broken. . .

and can’t do anything right.

constant fixing

I have to remind myself of how brilliant I am.

Of all the insights that I share with people and how I touch peoples lives.

I don’t usually reference that on a day to day basis.





I know

I probably should

and would benefit from doing so

but I am not perfect.

My life isn’t perfectly balanced.




I am finding balance.

I can recognize the things within the circle of my awareness that I’d like to change but that doesn’t mean that they are all changed instantaenously.

I have visions and dreams and goals that I work towards.

But I also have very real children that require a lot of my attention and will not accept “mommy’s busy” as an answer. As well as a husband who still wants his wife.

I have to REALLY focus to be productive.

It can be challenging and REALLY frustrating.



Sometimes I want to quit and lay in my bed all day and keep the covers over my head and get sucked into the abyss….

I have to stop myself when that happens.

I can’t let myself go back to the dark place… not in that way.

So I take on the “fake it ’til you make it” attitude so I can put myself in the mentality of who I want to be instead of who I am and then I maximize it until I actualize it so that who I want to be is who I become.

Who I am doesn’t create the results of what I want so I must become more.

I work on changing my psychology, altering my perception, modifying my behavior.

I’m not perfect. In fact I am far from it.

I get angry at things that people think are small.

I make it seem like the sky is falling over spilled milk.

I struggle with “normal” human interaction, I can only handle so much small talk and sometimes people say I am selfish.

I think I just have a strong respect for acknowledging my desires.

When I know what I want I don’t just give that up so easily. I can be stubborn, so if you want to change my mind you better come prepared with logic on why I should look at things differently.

I look at children and I see that in them. I see it in all of us. We lock our desires on something and then we hold tight to getting it. Outside influence don’t just come in and take the desire away, they have to change the way we look at it.


Here’s the lesson: Life is always going to throw you curve balls. It will give you situations where you can doubt yourself, you can lose your cool and not seem so on the ball. and that’s okay. Life isn’t always happy. You don’t have to struggle to achieve a level of perfection that doesn’t exist. You can focus on taking it moment by moment and allowing yourself to express yourself just as you are. Some will like it, others will not, and your people will love it. Be the next level of you and be a little selfish. It’s okay to 😉

children teach 3 things
What are your insights from this article?

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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