Hello Beautiful

I’m glad that we have been able to come together again and spend this time connecting. You know I never really HATED Mondays… neither did I look forward to them, but I never hated them either. Not until today.

It was a rainy day today. I had to spend most of my day away from my family and I wasn’t thrilled about it. I enjoy having the time away occasionally because I really DO need to have some fun adult interaction from time to time. The thing is being away for 8 hours or more with little time to see my kids really needs to be worth my time and I’m finding it to be very difficult to keep the scale even. I know my time is so valuable. I’d rather spend a few hours away and have more substantial evidence of my giving of myself and my time.

This sparked in me a few things.

1. I thought about how many moms go to work all day and come home only able to spend a few moments with their children, if any at all. The frustration and exhaustion that is felt. The short tempers that flair oh so easily because of the stress to get so much done.

I thought about how many women would thrive if the had more time. If they had the financial freedom to have the time.

2. I thought about the children.

I thought about what it was like to not be around my mom often because of work and how that affected our relationship.

I thought about how many children are feeling unseen, under appreciated, and unheard by those that they value most and how that will impact them growing up. I know some people feel that it is safe and secure to have a steady “9-5” job to go to every day, but I really wonder what are we giving up?

What are we taking away from our homes and families by following the status quo of the safe and secure path?

3. I thought about how I could get more time. How I could take back the power and freedom in my life and use my time better. How I could serve others and really fully show up 100% of the time knowing that I make time to fully be present with my children, husband, friends, family, and my clients and customers.

I really thought about how great it would be if some of the old ways of doing things were still in practice today in our mainstream society.

What if we had communities of moms that supported each other in running their home, rearing their children, and multiplying what was in the household by utilizing their skills, talents and natural abilities.

We have a little here and a little there but I’m on a mission to help eliminate excuses. I’m so passionate about being an entrepreneur. I believe that it is part of our Divine DNA to create and express.

I believe we all have an X in us. eXpression, eXperience, eXcitement. We can change the world with our gifts and bring our children up to see how powerful and well balanced we can be.

So what about Mondays. . .

I don’t ever want to dread a Monday again… or any other day for that matter.

Freedom is my desire!

I’m sure you want it too. I want to help you get there.

Here’s the lesson: Simply put- You can live a balanced life filled with abundance. Nothing HAS to be sacrificed You can have it all


What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free. 





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