Men and changing tables

I really hadn’t realized how often I had to take my children to the bathroom to change them when I am out with my husband. Our son is potty trained and old enough now to go to the bathroom alone. Yet when we are out together (just the children and I), he still goes in the women’s bathroom with me, except for when Dwayne (my husband) is there to take him into the men’s bathroom.
Men’s bathrooms have things women’s bathrooms do not and I don’t even know how to explain it to the boy because I’m not supposed to be in there and I am not going there.
Beyond the boy now (since he’s potty trained and the topic no longer applies to him), our daughter, who is still in diapers, is usually changed by me because I have the changing table in the bathroom. Some places have family bathrooms which are great  and helpful for me to have help if they both or we all need bathroom attention. One thing that was said that I enjoyed was the lack of thought about having a changing table because men will think “What would MaGuyver do?” when they need to (in some capacity)!
So here is my stand.
Short and sweet.
Parent equality must be reached.
Put the changing table in the men’s bathroom too.
Also make a non-gender specific bathroom for families or individuals that don’t want to choose male or female. Put the urinals on a back wall with a maze like entrance, have stalls on each side. 4 changing tables and some nursing chairs with a few soothing sections to rock baby into a calmer state.
That would be a bathroom to be excited about in my book :)

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P.S. The whole bathroom that I described should be altered a bit, urinal wall in the middle, stalls in front with a few changing tables and a few in back with the nursing chairs and soothing stations. Just for me :) If you want to partner in making designs let me know 😉



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