Maya Angelou: May her light shine on

In the recent reveal of Maya Angelou passing away yesterday morning I have not know how to best deal with it.

I have never personally met her and most of my exposure to her was via Oprah. Yet in her passing I felt like I knew her for a lifetime and in a way she was sending out a signal. A signal to AWAKEN and RISE.

Bare with me as I ramble a bit.

Death in and of itself does not seem mysterious to me. Thanks to my exposure to the bible, other spiritual teachings, my own studies, and Home With God by Neale Donald Walsch, my view on death had shifted. I know longer perceived it as an ending but more as a transition.

The consistent factor seemed to be that eternity was forever no matter if it was heaven or hell which meant we ALL live forever. Heaven and hell are a state of mind and the door between the physical and spiritual realm is constantly revolving.

I began to see death as a choice and more of a curiosity sparked in me when someone passed than most of the other feelings.

Why did this person choose to leave? Why now?

Why did Dr. Maya Angelou decide that NOW was the time to go? What message did she want to leave as she went?

I’m sure I’m not the only person that felt a spark of something when they found out that her spirit had left her body. Beyond the people who have known and loved her closely for years her love could be felt as a surge of energy. It was really like I was ignited…

My heart goes out to those who have known her love and have been in her presence. I am sending you joy in the celebration of her life and strength to carry her message and teachings on in your heart.

I truly am thankful for Oprah having brought such a magnificent soul into my sphere of knowledge for her teachings truly are life changing and also life saving.

For those of us who have felt that flicker inside our soul, let us not ignore it. Let us learn a lesson in the transition of a soul to step fully into our greatest selves. To transcend our circumstances and self imposed limitations to live a life of greatness.

Those that have come before us have paved a path for us to create the success we desire on OUR terms. Let us not disrespect that opportunity by staying in hiding. Live your truth in every moment of your life. Let’s be remembered for helping people feel good, for never being defeated, for having faith, loving always, and having success on OUR terms.

Here’s the lesson: Let’s leave legacies of BEING – Genuinely, Unshakably, Lovingly YOU!!

Thank you Dr. Maya Angelou for ALL that you have done and all that you have GIVEN. You have and will continue to be an amazing inspiration to untold numbers of people. In life and in death you have inspired us and will forever live on.


What are your insights from this article?

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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