Life and bittersweet moments

Life is filled with moments…

Some bitter…

Some sweet.

Our expectations in life vary and we reap what we sow.

Sow sweet, Reap sweet.

Sow Bitter… Well, you get it.

How do you end up with bittersweet moments in life?

I have found bittersweet moments come from sowing, either bitter or sweet, consciously as well as unconsciously.

You may have a WAY about you…. a certain – je ne sais quoi – that people resonate with or don’t and they are responding to that.

So if you are sweeter than sweet potato pie and tend to overstep boundaries people may distance themselves from you, so they don’t feel so violated, without giving you a reason [which is rude by the way… we ARE, ALL Humans… digressing]

You find that you are without deep connections and don’t understand why.


Deep Breath.


The bittersweet reality is that the common factor is YOU.

You were involved in every situation.


We are ALL Human!

That’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it 😉

Don’t try to let that be your excuse to ignore your Divinely Infinite Self!


You are responsible for the energy that you bring to people.

You are also responsible for being attentive to how your energy is being received.


There is a happy medium that exists between “good” behavior and AUTHENTIC behavior.

I see this with children all the time….

Mothers are apologizing for their children being children because their behavior doesn’t fall in line with what we have been taught is “good” or “acceptable” behavior.

I am guilty of this myself.

Sometimes I catch myself in the middle of trying to get them to modify their behavior only to remember they are being children and I am trying to make them behave like boring, stuffy, fun lacking adults. (And THAT is so not my style !)

It is not fair to strip a person of their uniqueness and it is surely NOT FUN!!

When I watch my children in the moments that I am trying to modify them I see how blissful they are!

I see how they wake up the people around them – as if they are bring them back to life – their eyes light up.


It’s magical even!

And it can be bittersweet for me as I realize how much of myself was left behind in childhood.

I have a new awareness of the enslavement I have unfortunately agreed to…

And it enrages me enough to do something about it!

Doing something about it is not for those weak in Spirit.

It takes some big BALLS to keep bouncing back

because the chains will keep trying to keep you down,

because they are alive as well,

and they are living Off Of YOU.

Be ready to go hard!!


Right NOW!!

Make a declaration!!

Who are you?

Who will you be remembered as??

The _______ (with a positive association)


The _______ (with a negative association)


Bittersweet moments are only around to help you grow and change.

Take advantage of it and enjoy it.

Sending love now and forever… What did this post spark for you? Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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