You are Invited to Enjoy Being Human

Every teacher is first a student who walked the path to Mastery with a willingness to learn from innocence and acknowledging ignorance.

Science has made it clear that race is irrelevant when it comes to being identified as human. I am a huge advocate for Magnificent Mothering. That means acknowledging that children are mini adults and deserve to be taught, respected, and guided as Divine individuated aspects of the infinite expression of G.O.D discovering themselves in Human form.

The problem arises in not having a foundational understanding and inner alignment with what it means to be human and how to navigate expressing the power or ability to do a thing versus the needfulness and benefit of doing a thing.

This foundation supports you in Loving yourself and others more fully. You can also expect to better see how you impact and change the world on the day to day basis.

Acceptance is Key to be FREE.


Here’s your Invitation to Access Being Human

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