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Yani Ransome is an artist, the author of the forthcoming book The G.I.F.T. of Now: Graceful Inspirations For Totality, a speaker, wife, mother, and spiritual teacher for women (and a few men) who are living in the void, not expressing their creative passions and struggle with having enough time and feeling fulfilled. She combines elements of artistic expression with spiritual teachings to create experiences that are memorable and life changing. Her mission is to enlighten, empower, and enrich the lives of creatively inclined women and moms to be genuinely, unshakably, and lovingly themselves by guiding them to connect fully to their true selves. This allows the natural creative expression of Goddess to flow through them resulting in women gaining more time, clarity, and joy in their life. 

As a result for her desire for freedom, she encourages women to have their own business, allowing a pathway for self-expression and adding benefits to the household and herself through opportunities that are best for them to create the life that they love and best fulfills them to live out their mission and become financially free on their terms. She knows first-hand what it’s like to feel swallowed up in the darkness with no way out and because of that she is able to quickly pinpoint the area needing the most attention to add balance and beauty back into life. 

She has beat depression and suicide attempts and knows how to overcome extreme dissatisfaction, sluggish lifestyles, and negative thoughts and stress. She uses her knowledge of stress and experiences to help people live more abundant lives that are genuinely aligned with their core. She walks her talk and allows herself to be fully expressed and is always looking to fine tune what it is that she most enjoys and how she can grow into a better person. She knows that the light at the end of the tunnel is really the light inside of you shining out and her work is to help you get back to your source of power. 

Yani has over 10 years of dance experience, which she utilizes along with her brain management and yoga training to guide women in movements that help them be more comfortable and confident. This allows them to clear their minds and connect more fully to their power.

She brings over a decade of E-Motion recognition and mindset positioning techniques along with her dance experience. She utilizes these skills to guide women in the process of transforming their lives to create business models that serve their desired lifestyle in alignment with who they naturally are. She is the ”Personal trainer for the mind” focused on encouraging people, especially women, to step fully into their power and BE LOVE.


A sharing from Yani

028Hello beautiful!

I want to share with you how I birthed my business. 

LifeKNX is my spiritual baby, birthed to help the world become more aligned with their divine purpose by having clarity about life. It started as KNX – an acronym for Kreative Nature Xpressed which is what I believe every person on this planet has. LifeKNX is just a term to express how the natural creative expression of a person connects them to life and love.


Let me give you a bit more insight on who I am and why I do this.


First, I have an unique expertise with E-motions and mindset, I am the Author of The G.I.F.T of Now: Graceful Inspirations For Totality, and a speaker. I help creative freedom seekers relieve stress, increase happiness and gain clarity in their life. I believe that negative forces are meant to keep us in the dark while they simultaneously point us in the direction of our purpose. The key is that we need to know how to recognize the way our soul communicates with us.

For a long time in my life I felt that I didn’t belong here, but I also knew without a shadow of a doubt that God/the Universe/Source had a hand in my life. The thing is I was really scared to step into my calling. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was nor did I want to find out. I was really good at running, but I decided I had to stop running because naturally I’m a sprinter and I couldn’t out run the longevity of my purpose. So I had to face it.


I felt defeated and reluctant to take it on completely. It was just an idea in my head and I was okay with this vision of living a life of purpose. . . for a while. I was learning to run in a new way, by halfway doing it.


Well, that was short lived also. Eventually, everything else in my life started to go haywire. I was alone after spending years of my life in an unhealthy relationship trying to pursue my dream of marriage. I hated the atmosphere of my career and my stability was faltering.


I was drifting into a downward spiral. Yoga kept my head above water. Sometimes I was easily afloat and other times it was a struggle.


A few transitions later, I found myself in a new state – within myself and the country, married, and with child (now with two).

Here is a picture of me with my two little ones (I am #TeamNatural :) )

the babies and I


This is my husband, Dwayne and our children

Dwayne and babies

They really changed my life for the better. I don’t know where I’d be without them in my life.

It took the lost of the life of someone close to my family to realize that my purpose could save a life. I could help someone escape the darkness and find their way back towards light. I had been inspired by the light of hope not to take my life, believing that some day it would be worth having gone through all the depression and darkness. And it was. I gained so much insight about myself and all of the divinely inspired individuals on the planet.

 I realized that God/the Universe/ Source, gave us the power to create and EXPERIENCE creation so that the fullness of life and the Uni-Verse could be experienced through us. That life is meant to flow together like an orchestra playing one song.

 I felt conviction in my heart and soul to do everything I can to help as many people as possible overcome depression and stress and in the process help them to find their purpose and have Clarity to TRANSFORM their life.

I like to consider myself a philosophical person. I love to converse about life, love, perception and possibilities. That’s how I discovered that we all have the same desires in life they are just expressed and experienced differently.

I have an artistic soul and I want to help other people tap into their creative power and create the life of their dreams on their terms.


I believe integrity and genuine character start at home so I am a huge advocate for the nurturing role of mother and wife, that is why my focus is on serving women.


I believe awareness and mindset are the keys to create change in the world and I’m dedicated to being the change I wish to see in the world which means constantly learning and growing from all of life experiences and sharing that growth with others.


LifeKNX is all about learning and evolving as we gain insights on ourselves and life to better create a world that benefits the greater good.