How to avoid arguements

We all experience anger at different points in time. If you are any part human than you have likely had an unnecessary argument because of anger being in the midst.

I shared a lot of this in the video but sometimes it helps to have something to read as well.

This is not a transcription of the video. 

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Now that I have addressed those thoughts, I am proud to present

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HOW to AVOID an Argument

The NUMBER ONE thing you can do to avoid an argument is to KNOW YOURSELF. You must define every aspect of your being to be clearly identified.

We are often giving mixed signals by how we talk with each other and also in turn how we respond. Know who you are and know how people interpret you. Make sure things line up with who you are and who you are perceived to be.

The number two thing is KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. Who has this person told you and showed you that they are? Consider who they are and determine if it is WORTH getting in an argument.

The number three thing is BE CLEAR IN YOUR COMMUNICATIONS. Understand who you are taking with and help them understand you.

The number four thing is KEEP YOUR BODY LANGUAGE CALM. Though it may not seem like a problem when you are with someone who knows you like the back of your hand.  

The number five thing is KNOW WHAT IS CONSIDERED NORMAL. What’s normal for the spider is chaos for everything that gets trapped in it. Just remember that we all have different interpretations of life. It can be the same situation looked at completely differently based on what is normal.

The number six and final thing is DO NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY! It’s not about you. Our natural response is from our interpretation of what is normal.

Crazy is as crazy does and everyone’s crazy looks different.

Just for giggles.

I got excited after I made the first video. I made this one afterwards.


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