How chaos can give you clarity

When you are feeling crazy with frustration at all of the troubles coming into your life, remember that this is just to build your character and faith. Learn in every moment. Stay aware. But don’t stay down.

This is a “freestyle,” more accurately called a spontaneous moment of organized creation in verbal/vocal poetic form.
For emphasis here are the “lyrics” for my spontaneous creation.

Get excited!
Start invitin’
All the chaos right in.

Get kaotic
(Oh) Not neurotic
When frustrations begin

Body Language
Now I’m sayin’
Start your dancing. Breathe in. [(and out) not included in song]

Get it flowin’
Now you’re knowing
How you learning? (Come on) Let’s win

Come on let’s win… Let’s win….

[Not saying what you’re saying to me…
Body ridgid
why (are) you playing with me?]

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Sending love now and forever…
What are your insights from this article?

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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