Freedom to BE

Today in America we celebrate Independence Day. A time to celebrate the day we declared freedom from Great Britain.

Lady Liberty

I’m glad to be in a place where we are free… I can’t help but think about all the people who are not free. Who still are bound in there minds and expression…

Freedom is to be able to BE without limitations 

The power and RIGHT to behave, communicate, and ponder as one desires without people saying you can’t do that

How often have people put their spirituality and creativity on the back burner because it doesn’t comply with the stigma of how things SHOULD be!?!?!

Can we STOP killing our souls because of what SHOULD be.

What SHOULD be is freedom, true liberation, for all people to live life as they please within the code of love.


I felt oppressed for a long time and as you can feel I am passionate about freedom.

I believe it is in our DIVINE CONTRACT to experience the fullness of life and freedom is part of that fullness. We get bound to keeping up with the status quo. What if we said F* the status quo and JUST FOLLOWED OUR BLISS?

What would happen if we jumped in our cars and just went were our heart desired. We lived present in each day and didn’t worry about what came next.

We can still be responsible and plan for the future in a joyful way. Just don’t stress it.

I learned something about myself, I feel most alive when I am in my flow of creativity and spirituality. I enjoy the excitement of taking life day by day. I don’t have that with the “safe and secure” lifestyle.

I like to kick things up a notch, ride the edge, and take risks!

I like the adrenaline.


What makes you feel ALIVE? What makes you feel FREE?

Pay attention to what makes you light up

It’s OK if the answer is sex… I just hope that both parties are fully conscious about the engagement and no one is misled 😉

What lights you up leads to freedom.

I believe being an entrepreneur creates freedom.

Being an entrepreneur means I am receiving based on what I am giving.

It’s the ultimate system of checks and balances… It’s called Karma!

I gain freedom to fully be myself and LIVE.

I started my business as something to do, I continued to pursue my business for someone I wanted to BE.

 What can you do RIGHT NOW to feel a little freer?

How can you take back the reins of your life?

Are you ready to transform?

Here’s the lesson: We HAVE the ability to TRULY BE FREE. The catch is that we have to choose it. Decide what you want to experience and create and manifest it. You’ve got the power!! 😉 Use it
What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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