For love or money??

For love or money??

Why do you do things in life?

We’ve all heard from the bible

For the love of money is the root of all evil 1st Timothy 6:10


But if it were evil itself then G.O.D wouldn’t ask for it. You know for tithes and all…

So how can we shift our perspective to align with money so we can make more of it??

When do we know we need more of it and our desire isn’t just for selfish gain?

How do we look at love and money?

how good things come

Here is what I’m thinking

What is love?

Love is energy that is felt POWERFULLY

It moves you!!

It is expressed in ACTION

It is directed to the FULLNESS of your BEING

It’s safe



and sometimes a bit scary because of all the goodness it brings

and because of that it is healing




What is money?

It is energy

a measurement of contribution 

a statement of perceived value

created by action

life changing

gateway to resources



time saving

time extending

a tool

a spice to life

a guardian

Love and money are interrelated 

If you are not comfortable with money than you most likely are uncomfortable with love

Love is where all of this stuff is coming from.

Money takes bartering to the next level

Money is the tangible exchangeable energy that you give to someone when you don’t have anything else that they need.

Can you live without money??


The thing is you may not experience the same fullness of life that you would WITH money if you don’t provide high value with your presence.

People don’t want to have leeches around. They want to have people that contribute.

Give of yourself and all that you need will be there

So do you HAVE to choose Love or money??

Not really… but if you can’t decide which one is the priority then money is not the answer. . . LOVE is

LOVE will bring the ultimate end result desired. 

Got it?


Now that THAT is cleared up let me tough love you a little bit:

Love is the compass

Money is the vehicle

Your are DIVINELY OBLIGATED to let your compass guide you to getting a vehicle that allows you to leave a legacy, NO MATTER WHAT THE SIZE

Money creates time and freedom

It allows you to show up in a better way for the ones you love.

So if you are miserable doing something you HATE or at least DON’T LOVE then you owe it to yourself to look for other opportunities to live life on your terms.

It is your divine destiny to live a joyful life.

Slaving away is not where joy is at.

Here’s the Lesson: Love is always the choice. Love will provide for you. The opportunities are in your immediate circle hovering slightly under the radar so ask and express what you desire because it is your birth right to live free and slaving away to pay bills is not part of the DIVINE CONTRACT.  #LoveOverEverything

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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