You are Invited to Exprience Divine Clarity

~Divine Clarity~


Know Your Passion

Know Your Purpose

Know Your Plan

“For I know the plans I have for you… plans to prosper you” 

You are made free for a reason.

This program was created as a result of the journey I began with the Creator of the Universe. Seeking the TRUTH. Not a VERSION of the truth. The FULLNESS of the Truth. I began with seeking the answer to ‘Why Am I Here?’

The answer is to Create and Experience the Power of G.O.D IN me and THROUGH me and my LIFE. That we are all EXPRESSIONS of G.O.D experiencing ourselves through ourselves.

We are created powerfully and intentionally. We are able to create by the words that we speak and the actions that we take.

Being HERE with understanding is a great starting place. It allows space for us to be WILLING to go through our experiences.

How do we show up in our experiences as the BEST versions of ourselves?

THIS question is what really ignited the creation of this program. More than a “Program”, this is a PROCESS.

A process of

Self discovery

Stirring up and Inciting

Impact. Aim. Design.

Making the vision plain.

People perish for a lack of knowledge. It is time to recognize that knowledge without wisdom does us no good. Wisdom is an applicable understanding of knowledge. It is by the strength of wisdom built by knowledge that wealth is obtained.

Divine Clarity is about building the Kingdom. It is about recognizing how to be the change in the world that brings the Kingdom NOW.

It begins with knowing yourself. You are the constant in your life. G.O.D is with you in all things. Be Clear and Be Direct.

Just Because 

(A poem from The G.I.F.T of Now)

Knowledge obtained is not in vain.

            The pain so plain was gone through for something.

The ups and downs going sideways and around,

                        Led you to a place where you can stand your ground.

Now on the ground you stand

                                                Stands under a man understanding its hanging in the balance.

Knowing what was and what is and understanding what could be…

            You take the ground upon which you stand and plan according to that man
    An effect, a ripple from hand to hand
            To help a man form a plan significant to the ground he stands
Just Be Cause
                        With new found meaning
            Cause an effect worth time and being.
A change for good that’s worth seeing.

What to Expect.

This is a 4 week course that includes Video teachings, worksheets and Q&A calls.

The content of each week is as follows:

Week 1 – Know Yourself

Identify core values & beliefs

You need to know where you stand and what you stand for. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. It is imperative that you are clear about what you stand for and why. It may not be main stream or popular and that is OK. You are intended to be peculiar. It’s not necessary for you to fit in. Royalty doesn’t look like the commoner. Having this knowledge also helps to maintain positive levels of mental health, physical health, and overall well-being.

Identify ideal/optimal environment

You have territory. That territory will serve you. It will fuel you and support you. It will inspire you and incite you to grow and be present. It is so easy to go through life and have a mediocre experience. The right territory will magnify the mundane and make it miraculous. Nature will uplift and encourage you. This part of the process will expose what aspects of nature feed you.

Identify what you like to do for fun (passion/pleasure)

Joy is your birthright. You are entitled to joy. This is not the same as happiness, which can be conditional to circumstances, joy is deeply rooted beyond the circumstance. To know what lights you up and fills you with warmth will help you to maintain overflow no matter what is happening in life.

Identify what makes you feel empowered/ your perspective of your worth

You are powerful. You are worthy. You deserve the best. Learning to have a high level of self-esteem will allow you to be able to view and esteem others just as highly. You shift your interactions from things happening TO YOU to things happening WITH YOU. You will recognize the impact of your being and see yourself in a new light.

Understand emotions

E-motions. Energy in Motion. Your inner G, inner G.O.D is stirring things up inside of you in order to get your attention. Our emotions are signals for guidance. They require discernment. They are expressed from our perception of understanding. Emotions often need to be re-framed. By understanding how these emotions show up and what they are connected to, the process of utilizing the information they provide becomes simpler.  

Week 2 – Know Your Passion


Know the difference between pleasures and passions

You have things that make you feel good and things that bring the good out of you. Wisdom to see and know the difference is powerful. It incorporates a separation of want verses need. It allows you to know what brings the best out of you and cultivate more of it in your life.

Identify what deeply excites you

This is all about amplifying what delights you. The ability to find a happy place no matter what the situation, is a powerful tool to keep your fire HOT. Your ability to feed your passion and keep that excitement sizzling allows you a pool to pull from that feeds you.

Identify what motivates you

Similar to excitement, motivation is deeply rooted. Knowing what drives you will make it easier to make decisions and follow through when it is challenging. It can be discouraging to move forward with your passion and find resistance. Knowing what your catalyst is like having rocket boosters in your back pocket for when you are losing momentum.

Identify what elicits an emotional response from you

Emotional responses can be both positive and negative. Recognizing what incites strong emotions from you will help you identify what to include in your world experience. Your perspective paints your experience. Knowing what moves you will be a source of clarity to you in life.

Identify what inspires you to make a difference

Everything has been leading up to this point. Recognize that your emotions, motivation, excitement and desires all feed into your unique design to impact the world. Every interaction allows you an opportunity to transmit your testimony into the world. When you do this you plant a seed that supports the vision you have been given.

Week 3 – Know your Purpose


Identify what contribution you’d like to make to the world (what impact/legacy)

Legacy is more than estate and financial wealth. Legacy is also in reputation, energy exchanges, and emotional impact. You make a contribution in every interaction that you have whether you recognize it or not. People will remember you even when you don’t remember them because of the impact of what you contributed both positive and negative. 

Identify WHY you want to make this contribution

You will contribute something even if you are not intending to. Presence engages your consciousness so that you show up intentionally. Know the impact you want to make and why will empower you to remain conscious when you would otherwise allow yourself to drift into auto pilot.

Identify how you’d like to make the contribution (with unlimited resources to help you- how you want to, not how you can)

The world is your playground. You have access to any and everything that you may need. Look towards the heavens, that is where your help comes from. What ever has been planted in you from before birth will be supplied for, no matter how  “out of this world” it may seem. Provision is provided for the vision.

Identify the benefit you see your contribution making in the world

This supports the intention of your vision and also encourages you to keep going because of the fruit that your actions will bear. Choose to be the farmer that planted seeds during a famine so future generations would have food. You may not see the fruit of your labor now. It will still be well worth the time if you can see the potential.

Week 4 – Know your Plan


Identify where you are compared to where you want to be

Simply put, this is about getting clear and having direction. Clarity and substance sustains the progression of the mission. Recognizing where you are and where you desire to go will help clear the chaos of confusion.

Identify what you need to get where you want to be

Whether it is direction, support, financial increase, time management, or any other number of things that can make  transition easier, knowing what it is that you need to transition gives you clarity on the direction that you need to go in and the substance that you need.

Identify ways to get what you need to be where you want to be

You can ask for the tools that will support you when you know what they are called. Knowing what you need and having that clarity allows you the ability to find ways to get it. When you know what you need, you can identify the best ways for you to get what you need. 

Identify what transitions will need to be made to move forward

When you feel stuck it is likely because something about you currently doesn’t match with where you are going. Mini transitions will be required before the big transformation is experienced. Having eyes to see that and wisdom to change will support you as you shift and elevate.

Identify limiting beliefs

Doubts, fears, and can’t dos, all show up attempting to keep you stuck. Countering all of the limiting beliefs as you walk out the details of the plan is crucial. In order to counter them it helps to know what they are.

Change limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs

Identifying the limiting beliefs is just the beginning. Having a framework to shift your limiting beliefs to empowering ones will help support you in maintaining clarity as you move forward. Mindset is powerful. Use it.


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