Celebrate your success

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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I remember being 12 years old and thinking about what I wanted to do or be when I got older.

I loved Britney Spears and N*SYNC. I loved PERFORMING! I knew I was beautiful ( I won my 1st pageant over 2 very tall blonde chicks. It totally surprised me. My second pageant I won prettiest smile and 2nd runner up – I bombed a bit on my oral presentation. It WAS my 1st time though. I didn’t participate in any other pageants but I always remembered I was beautiful and I aspired to better my speaking skills as a result. It was so nerve wrecking to get up there and speak. I believe I did a really good job though. Digressing)

I decided when I grew up I wanted to be the classic TRIPLE THREAT, Singer, Actress, Model. Mostly because I ruled out Doctor and Lawyer – even though I was sure I’d make a great Doctor or Lawyer, I really didn’t want to go to school that long to have a career that wouldn’t support the lifestyle I wanted. Before I wanted to be a TRIPLE THREAT (S.A.M) I wanted to be a Wife and Mom.

That was my first big goal in life – to get married and have children. No major career goals just wife and motherhood (even though I have not developed a love for housework STILL). I eventually let go of the Triple Threat idea and embraced a few other passions that came to me naturally – Writing and Dancing.

So, I guess I saw Player’s Club or something and despite the horrors in the movie, I wanted to dance on the pole like the “strippers” do and my desire was to be a pole dancer because it looked like FUN and it made lots of money.

How could I pass up a fun money making opportunity??

Again remember I was 12… So fast forward 6 years and I am turning 18 and on the same day as my Anniversary of Arriving to Earth I had my pretty self on a pole.

And oh let me tell you the thrill I felt!

I danced consistently for about 4 years or so and then I stopped to get married and have a baby. BOO-YAH!!! Lol. I had accomplished my goal.

Now there is so much more to this one part of the story that I could tell but I am going to put it on pause and share an experience I recently had.

I spent this past Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in an event (Millionaire Mind Intensive) and I met some really amazing people. And we did a lot of great stuff. I am not going to tell you what though. You just have to go and experience it 😉

One thing I will share is this…

Often times in life we subtly deflect the abundance that comes our way (especially us ladies) we have not allowed ourselves to be good receivers. We give and give and give until we are about to crack open because we are so dried out from giving. Ladies, keep your cup full! Learn to be a good receiver… Just ACCEPT THE ABUNDANCE!!!

It’s simple to practice, the next time you get a compliment, just say thank you, share where you got it from, what it means to you, how it felt to be acknowledged.

DO NOT SAY things like “this old thing” or brush the compliment off in favor of complimenting them. That is like someone saying “Here’s $1000” and you saying “No no. Let me give YOU $10000” You are trying to OUT give them and that is not cool.

Imagine you are cooking dinner for your family whomever, and everyone tells you the don’t want to eat, that they made something for you to eat. EVERYONE made something for you to eat. I don’t know about you but I would be a bit upset if I spent all that time in the kitchen and NO ONE PERSON was eating the food I spent time and energy to prepare. I would be grateful that I was thought of but still upset that I wasn’t given any forewarning on everyone’s intention. I was giving and they turned it down to give back to me…. And It’s not like I have ONE MEAL they all pitched in together to make. THEY ALL MADE ME FOOD!!!!

So… Do you get the feeling now of deflecting abundance? Do you understand how that can make a person feel, even subconsciously if nothing else, and in case you didn’t know your subconscious basically rules your world.  So don’t deflect the abundance, ACCEPT it!

Now, I say all that to say there was a portion of the event where we had to share a success and accept the abundance. I shared that I manifested my husband and having children, remember it was the one thing I wanted before I was 12 years old, it was one of my first long term desires. And the feeling that came over me not only felt amazing but it was also awakening!!

We as moms are so under-celebrated. We are SUPERWOMEN! Yet we feel the toll of giving to everyone without taking an adequate amount of time to receive.

Ladies (!!) Let’s be good receivers too!

I, Of Course, have a solution for this but it is not yet time for it…

I look forward to celebrating more with you in life.

Right NOW (since that’s all we’ve got) I am celebrating my NOWHERE 😉

I am exactly where I created myself to be and some. I have been blessed with abundance and I am thankful to be able to share it with you.

I love staying connected and I want you to be apart of my life but I am not always the best at reaching out FIRST. I could happily die and enjoy being NOWHERE yet I will also happily live and celebrate being NOWHERE (perception is everything 😉 )

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Sending love now and forever… What did this post spark for you? Share them with me below


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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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