Releasing R.E.D

Releasing R.E.D is a book about beating Depression. Often times when we are in it and looking for a way out we find ourselves stuck and struggling to remain above the water. Releasing R.E.D is a quick guide to move out of struggling into being strong and able to eliminate depression in your life.

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If you have ever felt lost or incomplete this is for you! A poetic compilation of strategic methods to be present and in your power to manifest the life of your dreams and overcome analysis paralysis.

Give your brain candy coated golden nuggets to work in your favor and create success and abundance on your terms. Have more freedom, clarity, and fun in each phase of your life as you relieve stress and progress with confidence! Be more decisive about the actions you need to take and when with certainty.

Be one with Nature and understand the subtle ways it reminds you of who you are. Be aware of the signs life is giving you and have direction on what’s next. And if that’s not enough, imagine the bliss from having more moments of being giddy and deeply connected in life.

If this is something you want to have in life, grab your copy NOW! This is only the beginning.

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POE Life Support combo

This limited time offer includes digital copies of Releasing RED and The G.I.F.T of Now Workbook, Peace Of Earth Essential Oil Blend and An optional Life Support Transformation Session.  

Peace of Earth is a blend of Lavendar and Cedarwood essential oil in a coconut, apricot and jojoba oil blend. It was originally created for my personal collection and received such positive reviews that I decided to share. POE is a SENSATIONAL reminder that encourages balance, grounding, calming and strengthening spiritual support. It’s a Earthy mildly floral fragrance that is a delightful small addition that makes a big difference.

Life Support Transformation Session: You can expect a 45-75 minute call that helps you clarify what you feel are the next best steps to take for you to transform your life. You will receive an audio recording of our call, a vision statement and audio to support you cultivating the new habits necessary to transform your life.

There are only 7 bottles available of the Peace Of Earth blend. Once the the last bottle is sold this combo will no longer be available.