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Life is always going

Today I had a busy day.

My husband stayed home sick. This has NEVER happened before.

In the four + years that we have known each other I can think of 1 other time when he was sick and slept most of the day, but it was the weekend. He has had a few weird symptom days but he was still being superman.

He’s really an amazing man.


I’ve spent most of the day tending to him, keeping up with babies and in the wee hours of the night when everyone sleeps and I should too I try to get stuff done for my business and do my blogging.


My brain is on less than 25% power.


But I’m committed to completing the challenge.


Mornings are best for this but I have been up so late repetitively that I sleep too  long in the morning.


It makes me think I need more time.

Then I think maybe I need more money.


Then I really think about it and tell myself that these are both just energies and I would best benefit from handling my time better and using my money to help me with my tasks.


So I’m hiring a VA, changing my lifestyle to support me and my family better on the home front and also remove a load of household responsibilities without breaking the bank and opening the door to more experiences and excitement.


I blog to share

I do business to change the world

I have babies to spread the love


I know money changes things and I want to help you make it.

I want you to see the possibilities that are available.

I want you to have Meaningful Money.

I want success to be independent of money.


That’s why I talk money… because money changes things.

and I like change


Here’s the lesson: It’s your life. Look at how it’s going. Consider the resources you have and adjust as often as necessary to stay fulfilled and joyful about the way your life is. Create and manifest an ABUNDANT life YOU love. So if you need to downsize… DO IT! F* what people think and YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE! I love you! You love you too!!! #LoveOverEverything


What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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