Being Human, Happy, and Here

You woke up today…

You’re reading this article

I’m going to have to say that you are HERE on the planet Earth

You are human (not alien right??)

But are you HAPPY?

human experience

*   *   *


The other day I wrote on Love and money…. I mentioned G.O.D.

I may do that a lot more often.

Don’t freak out!! OK?

I’m not here to beat you over the head with religion… I PROMISE

Side note: Here’s why I won’t try and beat you over the head with religion – I grew up as a messianic Jew with a Rabbi father, only to be introduced to Christianity once my parents divorced. I have explored multiple religions (topically) and find that I can see the same 1 G.O.D in all of them

Yes even the multi- G.O.D religions. (side note over)

I see G.O.D. in us

*Breathe on that for a minute*

Side Note (again): I keep writing G.O.D this way for a reason. It means Grace Over Destruction™.. It is my interpretation of the love of the Infinite Source/BEING/Universe that we come from. (side note over)

OK… So anyway, here I am having asked G.O.D why am I here and got led down this path of discovering WHO G.O.D is and that enlightened me to WHO I AM &&&& WHY I AM HERE.

There’s a bible verse that says “Study to show thyself approved.” and that’s what I did. I studied to find out who G.O.D is and it’s written in plain English: G.O.D is LOVE.

Then the question was “Well, what is love?”

I touched on this yesterday too, but in short it’s an ACTION! A way of BEING. (AGAIN the reason G.O.D is Grace Over Destruction™)

Love is acknowledging and honoring the DIVINE and consequently YOURSELF in FULL (I’m talking heart, mind, soul, body, E-motions, spirituality) because you are in FACT DIVINE and also loving and honoring the DIVINE IN OTHERS as you would honor it in you. 

And THAT is the secret to life!!!

Thanks for reading!!! BYE!

LOL Just kidding.

I’ve said it before Love is the compass. The more you understand love, the more you know how to navigate with your compass.

So my path lead me to uncover what it means to be human… 

To be able to find a BLUEPRINT of our SPIRITUAL DNA. It’s what I teach with The Life Transformation System™ 

We all have the same genetic make up it just looks different. This applies to both the spiritual world and the physical one.

You are HUMAN. You are DIVINE. You are HERE. Are you happy?

Happiness is best when it comes from joy, a deep-seated substantial pleasure.

You can find your joy filled happiness by KNOWING yourself and LOVING yourself.

Here’s the lesson: Accept that you are both Human and Divine. OWN IT! Take the time to learn WHO YOU ARE. I mean on a deep level not just topically like knowing what your favorite color is or what makes you tick. Then LOVE you!! Fully embrace who you are and honor yourself. Set boundaries. Explore interest. Create a life that makes your heart sing. Your DIVINE CONTRACT is for you to have an ABUNDANT LIFE. So have it and have it on your terms!!


What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.




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