3 things to do when you aren’t happy

In life you will find that you experience unhappiness. 

All in all their in nothing WRONG with feeling unhappiness, you just don’t want to LIVE being unhappy all the time.

I believe that our E-Motions are like a compass.

They point us in the direction of the way we are perceiving things around us.

So when you are unhappy this is what you do:

1. Acknowledge that you are unhappy.

happy and you know it

Don’t say ‘Fine.’ When someone asks how you are… Tell the truth. “I’m feeling kind of out of it. I’m sad, or angry, or WHATEVER.”

“I can’t clap my hands and that makes me sad!!”

Respect yourself enough to tell the TRUTH!! 

To yourself and others.

You won’t find true happiness with being honest at least with yourself

2. Consider why you are unhappy.

learn to be happy

Did someone say something that made you sad. Are you feeling alone. Are you getting off of work only to realize you have “nothing to do” because your friends are away and you couldn’t be with them because you had to work?

Have you spent ALL WEEK home with the kids with minimal adult conversation except for the telemarketers that called that resulted in a curious toddler wanting to talk on the phone and a crying baby who just wants to be held, while you are trying to make lunch so your brain doesn’t explode from hunger and stress of feeling trapped in the house because if you take the children anywhere you know you have a limited amount of time before the freedom seeking kicks in and they are running all over the place…

I mean it could be tons of stuff. Maybe just a suck-y relationship. 

Whatever it is you have to be aware of what triggered the unhappiness

3. Do Something About it!!!

happy as you choose to be

I mean it’s really simple. You aren’t happy about it change it.

BAM!!! Done!

Here’s the problem I see most people face.

They don’t know what they don’t know about themselves to change the SOURCE of the problem.

For example: that “unhappy” mom who would probably never SAY she was unhappy at the risk of seeming like she doesn’t love her children is only feeling the pain of not having enough connection, with herself and with others. 

Change the dynamics of which her day to day life operates and her experience changes. She doesn’t mind the freedom seeking when she’s supported. She doesn’t have to do it all alone.

In The Life Transformation System™ I teach how to identify WHY you are unhappy so then you know WHAT to change.

I see a lot of people that are unhappy with the work they do and for that I have 1 and only 1 answer.

Be an entrepreneur!

You then get to create and manifest an abundant life that you love on your terms. 

More fulfilling than what having a paycheck can provide for you.

For that reason I created a new program to help you attract abundance and live out your mission.

Make sure you’re getting the inner circle details by getting The Life Transformation System™ Revealed Training call. It is the 3 part process to get more time, clarity and joy in your life now.


Here’s the lesson: It’s ok for you to experience unhappiness. If you want to be unhappy that’s fine too as long as you take responsibility and accept that if people don’t want to be around you because of that than there is no one to blame. You don’t have to BE unhappy though. You can change it. You can change and you can change your life. 
What are your insights from this article?

Share them with me below

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Until next time

I love you!

Be Happy. Be Present. Be Free.



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