Every soul is a star in our universe, each with its own purpose. When every star shines and illuminates its world, a web is weaved of a universe connected by the TRUTH of BEing YOU. Beneath the mask of perception and false projection is who you really are.  ~Yani Ransome

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Are your stressed and feeling tension in your body?

Are you feeling unfulfilled?

Are you a growth oriented, conscious woman?

Do you feel like something is missing?

Do you feel that you can’t get it RIGHT?

Are you striving to be the BEST most AUTHENTIC version of yourself?

Are you a MOTHER or expecting mother?


Motherhood is a sacred journey. Use it to remind your child(ren) they are the lights of the night and the world wouldn’t be all that it can be without them in it. They are important. At every age and every stage. Create a life that supports that phase of your experience no matter how you came to be a mom.


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Mindset. In order to do a new thing you have to become new. That means you have to do your work. I Am a stay at home mom and wife. Continue Reading →

Life is filled with moments… Some bitter… Some sweet. Our expectations in life vary and we reap what we sow. Sow sweet, Reap sweet. Sow Bitter… Well, you get it. Continue Reading →

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I really hadn’t realized how often I had to take my children to the bathroom to change them when I am out with my husband. Our son is potty trained Continue Reading →

Understand. Understand to be understood. I am a woman. I love to be understood! I thrive in an atmosphere where I feel understood. I have chosen the roles of wife and Continue Reading →

TPCP Faith quote18

Have you ever felt like all of your plans keep getting shot down and redirected? This has been me for some time. I think about what’s next and I get Continue Reading →

Paradise Stepping into a place I never knew existed, makes my heart flutter and happy I never missed it. Overflowing with feelings and emotions. Makes my body move like an Continue Reading →

Do you act like you are the only one that can get it done? It’s okay to get help sometimes.  There is no obligation to suffer in creating what we Continue Reading →

  Don’t let the darkness take you Own your DarkSide! But don’t allow yourself to feel trapped in the negative loop. You are a Warrior for Light and Love. You Continue Reading →

This is a modified piece I wrote in 2004. I cleaned it up a bit. It still reflects my feelings from that time. I am blessed and honored to say Continue Reading →

So I shared last time that I managed to be present in this process of writing. This time I am going to share a little bit more of why that works Continue Reading →

I came & illuminated  your world Provided warmth & a  plethora of bountiful pleasures You can fill your cup w/ ease the way you flow You took me in & trapped me in Continue Reading →

We all want to have what we want And there is a way to do that. We must learn to give in a way that is AUTHENTIC so that we are Continue Reading →

Unlike any other brother that has stepped into my existence A distance Set forth from the mind and body Erotic  In the ways of disposition The Exposition of a REAL Continue Reading →

I had an unpleasantly down day. I felt this coming on, and of course, because I don’t feel safe enough to talk about what I am going through, I was slowly Continue Reading →

We all experience anger at different points in time. If you are any part human than you have likely had an unnecessary argument because of anger being in the midst. Continue Reading →

dance to heart music

Listening to music is a great way to change your state. It can help you keep a clear head and be focused, enjoy a fun time with friends, support your Continue Reading →


I told you I was going to do some art. Now I am calling you out! I want to see what you have. Share your expressive interpretation of the painting Continue Reading →

When you are feeling crazy with frustration at all of the troubles coming into your life, remember that this is just to build your character and faith. Learn in every Continue Reading →

This is an ever growing list of people I love and admire. I love them and what they do so this is my raving testimony in appreciation of what I Continue Reading →

Williams quote change the world

It’s always sad when someone dies…. No matter what you think of the here and now or the hereafter it’s always a little sad to know that someone has left Continue Reading →

If we had to choose 1 person to speak on behalf of humanity, who would we choose?   I’m watching “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and I’m finding that Continue Reading →

Wow Life is always going Today I had a busy day. My husband stayed home sick. This has NEVER happened before. In the four + years that we have known each Continue Reading →

Have you ever considered that there is a direct correlation in the way that you receive money and the way that you receive other things in your life? Abundance is Continue Reading →

Do you have a mile long to do list? I bet you do! You have so much that is calling for your attention how can you not focus on those Continue Reading →

The best gift you can ever give is your presence. ~ Yani Ransome How many times a day are you whizzing through things… just trying to get them done. Get Continue Reading →

This is just the twirling of my inner mind… Don’t judge me Often times I feel like I’m broken. . . and can’t do anything right. I have to remind Continue Reading →

In life you will find that you experience unhappiness.  All in all their in nothing WRONG with feeling unhappiness, you just don’t want to LIVE being unhappy all the time. Continue Reading →

Today in America we celebrate Independence Day. A time to celebrate the day we declared freedom from Great Britain. I’m glad to be in a place where we are free… I can’t Continue Reading →

You woke up today… You’re reading this article I’m going to have to say that you are HERE on the planet Earth You are human (not alien right??) But are Continue Reading →

For love or money?? Why do you do things in life? We’ve all heard from the bible For the love of money is the root of all evil 1st Timothy Continue Reading →

change is living

Change is this inevitable occurrence in the world and we can either flow with it gracefully or we can raise H#!! and fight against it. Either way, It happens.   Continue Reading →

self knowledge

Have you ever gotten into a heated discussion with someone and said “I just want to be happy!” And they stare at you dumbfounded because they always thought you were Continue Reading →

overcome fear

Ideally who plans to sleep with the enemy? I know I don’t! I am quick to do everything I can to get that sucker out of my space. Here’s the Continue Reading →


In the recent reveal of Maya Angelou passing away yesterday morning I have not know how to best deal with it. I have never personally met her and most of Continue Reading →


As I sit here at 5:34 in the morning writing this blog I actually feel nervous. nervous about what to say, how to say it, and how much to say. Continue Reading →

45 Flowers (6)

Hello Beautiful I’m glad that we have been able to come together again and spend this time connecting. You know I never really HATED Mondays… neither did I look forward Continue Reading →


Hello Fellow Travelers, I am glad that you have taken the time to read these words. The blogs that follow will be short and sweet. They will be based on Continue Reading →